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When was the work done?
The work was done in March, 2012.

What was involved?
We had a large, 3/4 of an acre garden that was made up of straight, formal lines. We wanted the hard landscaping redesigned with curves . What made the brief more difficult was that we wanted Darren to incorporate an existing patio and established plants and trees that were already there. Marrying the old with the new and making it work was not going to be easy. My husband and I being interested garden amateurs had taken the garden as far as we could, it was time to bring in the experts !

How did you choose Darren Drummond Landscape Design and Construction?
I got Darren's name from a long established gardener who writes for the newspaper. I contacted him out of the blue and he recommended Darren to me.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Darren Drummond?
Not at all, we gave Darren a very small brief in that we wanted to change the straight, formal lines into curves. I'm a firm believer in letting professionals use their expertise and we wanted to see what Darren would come up with.

Did Darren introduce new ideas?
He did, yes. To be honest, we liked what Darren came up with from the beginning. He drew up a plan for the hard landscaping first, while the soft landscaping features were discussed and came later.

How did the project run?
Darren arrived when he said he would be and was able to complete the work in 3 weeks. I didn't believe that it could be done that quickly but true to his word, it was done despite the fact that we added on a few bits of work to the original brief.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Darren Drummond Landscape Design and Construction?
Darren's an easy guy to talk to and that's important because it means that issues are easy to deal with and discuss.

What's your favourite part now?
I love the hard landscaping but my favourite part is the way that Darren was able to marry the old garden with the new. The mature garden blends beautifully to the new, they compliment and enhance each other. That takes a lot of skill and Darren was able to achieve it.

Would you recommend Darren Drummond Landscape Design and Construction to others?
I would, yes.

Any tips for other people?
My advice would be to take the time to speak to as many landscapers as you can. You learn something from everyone. And don't proceed until you're 100% happy with the person you're dealing with.

Michele Collins
Ballinlough, Cork

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We liked what Darren came up with from the beginning...Darren was able to marry the old garden with the new
Michele Collins
Ballinlough, Cork
I found Darren to be decisive and prompt. His workmanship was first class and the finished product was excellent.
M. Hurley
Western Suburbs, Cork